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TransTex leases and sells gas treating, processing, and related production equipment, to natural gas operators and midstream companies alike. We have equipment operating across the United States, for all types of projects. Whether it be for the removal of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, water or to cool natural gas, TransTex has the experience needed to maximize your production to the pipeline.

We offer flexible contracts with guaranteed plant run times. We provide good customer service and solutions to succeed. We believe in working as a team. It’s these ethics that our customers have learned to appreciate.

Core Values

Employee Spotlight

Wesley Arguillin

Wesley has been a Plant Operator with TransTex Treating for over 7 years, and he is an expert at operating both large and small treating plants.

“Wesley has a keen attention to detail, a great attitude and works with safety as his number one priority. He is a key member of our operations team and does an outstanding job for TransTex.”