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Safety Milestone – One Thousand Days, No Recordable Injuries

HOUSTON, Nov. 11, (TransTex, LLC) – TransTex Treating is proud to announce that we’ve reached one thousand days with no recordable injuries. Stephen Morgan, Vice President of TransTex commented, “This is a significant milestone for our company and I couldn’t be more proud of our employees. It’s an achievement and direct result of our employees listening, learning, communicating and following the recommended practices.”

Our leaders establish the vision. They are engaged and integrate these concepts as a core part of our safety program. Monthly training classes are mandatory and include Driving Safety, H2S Awareness, CPR certification, Inspecting and Maintaining Critical Safety Equipment, Emergency Action Plan, Air & Water Pollution & Prevention, Lock-Out/Tag-Out certification, to name a few.

Moreover, we stand behind our commitment to preventing injuries. For example, we’ve redesigned ancillary equipment such as stairs, to enable safe and easy access to equipment, as well as, make it ergonomic for the operator. This may not seem like much, but to the employee it demonstrates we stand behind our words and their safety.

Safety requires continued awareness, motivation and daily discipline; from assessing hazards in pre-job meetings, to careful execution of operational processes. Robert Shimek, Vice President of Operations said “Continuous training is driven from the top down and plays a big part in reminding us to not only assess our risks, but also in teaching us how to respond should an event occur.”

Shimek continued, “Safety is our number one priority at TransTex and it’s evident by these statistics that we are living the culture of safety excellence. Operation zero is our goal and we strive to hit it daily.”

Pictured here, from left to right: Josh Smith, Robert Shimek, Greg Dotson and Stephen Morgan
Pictured here, from left to right: Josh Smith, Robert Shimek, Greg Dotson and Stephen Morgan