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Safety Training Plays a Vital Role in the Success of our Company

HOUSTON, Aug 19 – Each month, TransTex Treating employees are busy with safety training. Recurring classes include CPR Certification, H2S Awareness, Safety Manual Review, Inspecting and Maintaining Critical Safety Equipment, Emergency Action Plan, Driving Safety, Lock-Out/Tag-Out Certification, and Confined Space Awareness, to name a few.


Safety is a top priority at TransTex. It’s a core value that permeates through our culture. As stated by Robert Shimek, our vice president of operations, “Safety is the first thing that is considered with every plant site visit. One of the first things that we observe is wind direction. You need to know which way to evacuate should there be a gas release.” Shimek continues, “We value our employees and want to see them fully prepared should an emergency arise.”

The monthly meetings begin with a hot lunch, training and then close with management and employee collaboration. Stephen Morgan, vice president of TransTex Treating commented, “It’s always good for our employees to get together. To not only train, but to have an opportunity to ask questions and provide meaningful input into our daily operations. This plays a vital role in the success of our company.”