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Project Summaries

At TransTex, we take pride in the equipment and services we provide. Indeed, we understand the importance of documenting our capabilities as well as our experiences. While we write about more challenging applications in our blog, routine jobs are documented in our project summaries.

Each job summary profiles the equipment, delivery date, and a brief overview, including images. It briefly states the challenge, our capabilities, and the benefits we provide to our customers. While the projects listed below are not all-inclusive, it will give you an idea of the care and detail that we have for each and every opportunity.

If you have any questions about the project summaries or how we can help your team, please reach out to us!

TransTex Treating Projects

Please read about our most recent job summaries by viewing our each of our pdfs below:

12.5 GPM Amine -South Louisiana

60 GPM Amine -Lovelady, Texas

30 GPM Amine Plant – Cherokee Basin, Kansas

7 GPM Pneumatic Amine Plant – Hallettsville, Texas

10 MMSCFD Joule-Thomson (JT Skid) – Columbia, South America

10 GPM Amine Plant – Cherokee Basin, Kansas

10 GPM Amine Plant – Gonzales County, Texas

10 GPM Amine Plant – Gonzales County, Texas