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Turnkey Installation

Our clients find it helpful and reassuring to know that as part of a standard lease agreement, TransTex offers total Turnkey Installation for any and all equipment. We have the expertise and manpower to install all types of equipment. This includes upfront engineering; procurement of materials and equipment; transportation; and onsite construction oversight.

After Installation, TransTex will stay on the jobsite to make sure the plant is commissioned properly and starts up safely and correctly. Our highly-skilled engineers and technicians will ensure that your productivity goals and financial goals for the plant are met.

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Operations & Maintenance

Clients often find it cost-effective and efficient to have TransTex perform the operation of their plants. By utilizing TransTex for ongoing output oversight, maintenance, and personnel management, our clients are secure in the knowledge that their run-times are guaranteed.

This option allows TransTex to make improvements to your plant and equipment ensuring the longevity of your project and long term productivity of your plant. With our operations and maintenance option, our clients’ assets are being protected, and safety and quality of work are being held to the highest standard.

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Troubleshooting & Consulting

With TransTex always available to provide in-depth consulting, our customers can rest assured their equipment is always performing at maximum efficiency. For years, clients have looked to us to ensure their plants and equipment are operating at peak efficiency regardless of where the equipment originated. As part of our troubleshooting services, TransTex provides an onsite Field Tech to determine problems and find a solution, as well as what needs to be adjusted or changed to ensure the equipment is always running at peak performance.

In a consulting capacity, our engineers will visit a site to perform comprehensive tests and evaluations on both the plant and the process. We won’t just pinpoint problems; we’ll provide improvement options that are guaranteed to have your plants and employees functioning as efficiently as possible. Clients then have the choice to either make the changes themselves or contract with TransTex to perform the work.

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