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H2S Scavenger Vessel Equipment

H2S Scavenger vessels provide producers and midstream companies a safe and efficient alternative to amine treating, where H2S is present in gas streams and CO2 is at spec or below.

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H2S Scavenger Vessel Equipment

What Are H2S Scavenger Vessels?

At TransTex, we offer both liquid scavenger towers as well as SULFATREAT® media type towers. Both are designed to eliminate H2S in its entirety.

Benefits of a Scavenger System

  • Minimal installation cost
  • Removes H2S in a safe manner
  • No sulfur emissions
  • Skid based units are mobile and provide flexibility in smaller locations

Differences of an Amine Plant and an H2S Vessel

So what are the primary differences between the two treatment methods, and what factors should an operator consider in deciding whether to use an amine plant or an H2S scavenger vessel? From a pure natural gas treatment perspective, each process has a similar objective: to confirm to and abide by all required laws, rules and regulations regarding natural gas treatment. The primary differentiator between the two treatment methods is in their regenerative and non-regenerative capabilities.

The Scavenger Process

A scavenger is a chemical compound that reacts with H2S. It can be either a liquid, traditionally triazine, or a solid, such as an iron oxide. During the reaction process, H2S is converted into an innocuous, nonhazardous compound with no resulting emissions. This is clearly a win for the environment. The downside of this process is that once it is completed, the chemical agents cannot be reused or regenerated for future natural gas treatment projects. Since the scavenger compounds are not regenerative, there can be a higher cost associated with constantly replacing the used material.

Choosing the Most Effective Scavenger

The TransTex team of process engineers provides consulting services to analyze which type of process will be the most economical and effective in the removal of H2S. Due to the highly reactive nature of H2S, normal lab gas analyses can be inaccurate. As such, we recommend H2S testing be conducted on-site. Accurate levels of H2S are essential to determine which equipment and chemical process is most economical for your application.  Please contact us today with your application by calling 713-654-4440.


At TransTex, we take pride in the equipment and services we provide. Indeed, we understand the importance of documenting our capabilities as well as our experiences. While we write about more challenging applications in our blog, routine jobs are documented in our project summaries.

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