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10 GPM Amine Plant – Cherokee Basin, KS


  • 10 GPM Amine Plant
  • 20’’ High Pressure Contact Tower
  • Filter and Overhead Separator


  • Cherokee Basin, Wilson County, Kansas

Delivery Date:

  • July, 12th 2017


With a repeat customer in the Cherokee Basin of Kansas, the CO2 was measured at 1.2%. The operator’s goal was to flow at 0.8%. TransTex refurbished, installed and commissioned a 10 GPM Amine Plant, along with a 20’’ contact tower, filter and overhead separator. Having provided a plant to this producer earlier in the year and considering the reliability of the unit, TranTex was able to supply this plant with confidence; knowing that it will provide an acceptable gas stream, even with the tight CO2 standards of the pipeline.

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10 GPM Amine Plant
10 GPM Amine Plant
10 GPM Amine Plant