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  • LaSalle County, TX

Ship Date

  • March 2022


This long-time Eagle Ford customer contacted us as they were bringing additional wells into a facility where they were currently using a non-regenerative Triazene solution.  Having previously assisted this customer with two other nearby locations, they were looking for a   similar Amine Solution to reduce their OPEX. With CO2 already well below their pipeline specifications, our goal was to size a plant to remove a few hundred PPM of H2S from 10-15 MMSCFD. Removing 0.02—0.03 mole percent of H2S from a gas stream requires minimal regen capacity and we were able to offer our standard TransTex 12.5 GPM amine plant. In order to treat the entire gas stream (required for H2S treating), we upsized the usual 10-3/4” or 16” gas train to a larger 30” ID gas train.   TransTex’ strives to provide the ideal solution for our customers, which sometimes requires mix/matching our equipment to achieve the most cost efficient solution. TransTex provided the installation, startup, and commissioning of this facility. We will also be handling ongoing operations and maintenance.