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12.5 GPM Amine Plant—South Louisiana


  • 12.5 GPM Amine Plant Regen
  • Flash tank


  • South Louisiana

Delivery Date

  • April 24th, 2018


As gas wells mature, the flow rate decreases and often allows for a smaller amine treating plant.  An existing customer with a well in East Louisiana contacted TransTex to downsize from a 30 GPM Amine Plant to a smaller unit.  TransTex offered a 12.5 GPM Amine Plant along with installation and demobilization of the existing 30 GPM Amine Plant.   The goal was to keep the downtime to a minimum. TransTex met the challenge, offering a fully skidded unit and installed it with existing pipe, in 3 days. Downsizing is a win for the customer, offering  immediate costs savings in the monthly lease, chemicals, as well as, electrical costs.

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12.5 GPM Amine Plant

12.5 GPM Amine Plant