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  • Brazoria County, TX

Ship Date

  • October 2018 (TransTex acquired June 2020)


During the summer of 2020 TransTex executed an acquisition for two in-service 60 GPM plants from one of our long time vendors who was leasing the plants to a Gulf Coast producer. TransTex’s new customer had a unique use for these amine plants:  utilizing CO2 injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery. The amine plants were used to remove up to 15% CO2 so they could then compress and reinject the CO2 for oil recovery. Over the first month of acquiring these assets TransTex dedicated personnel to the location for 10+ hours a day to monitor and track plant performance and identify downtime root causes. TransTex then spent the next several months on location replacing pumps, motors, and PLC components to maximize runtime. The result of TransTex’s efforts to identify and improve the equipment efficiencies provided our customer a combined >99% runtime average for all 2021.  TransTex continues to operate and maintain this facility while providing a contractual runtime guarantee of >98%.

60 GPM Amine Plants - Brazoria County, TX 60 GPM Amine Plants - Brazoria County, TX 60 GPM Amine Plants - Brazoria County, TX