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  • 20 GPM Amine Plant
  • 5 MMSCFD Electric Cooler
  • 2 Phase Separator


  • Gonzales County, TX

Ship Date

  • May 2021


  • A tenured customer reached out with a reoccurring request; assisting them in lowering their Triazine costs associated with their gas treating. After discussing their existing owned equipment and expected volumes, we were able to come up with a bi-lateral solution. TransTex sized a regenerative amine plant to treat the maximum inlet volume based on our customer’s inlet H2S concentration to stay within TCEQ/EPA limits, any additional volume would be bypassed around the amine plant and sent to their existing Triazine Scavenger system. This solution allows our client to greatly reduce their monthly chemical costs while also providing flexibility to their system with changes in volume. TransTex provided the installation and startup/commissioning for this facility and is also providing ongoing 7 days/week operations and maintenance support.

20 GPM Amine Plant2- Gonzales County, Tx 20 GPM Amine Plant- Gonzales County, Tx 20 GPM Amine Plant3- Gonzales County, Tx