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  • 10 GPM Amine Plant
  • 5 MMSCFD Electric Cooler (2015-2018)
  • 2018 Removed 10 GPM Amine and  Cooler and replaced with 25 GPM  and larger 10 MMSCFD Electric Cooler
  • 2019 Swapped 30” Amine Contactor for 42” Amine Contactor to accommodate more volume


  • Dimmit County, TX

Ship Date

  • June 2015 / 2018 / 2019


  • This is a prime example and benefit of a contract treating solution. In 2015 this customer originally came to us looking for a more economical solution to treat <5 MMSCFD of their 5000ppm+ associated sour gas. They were using a Triazine liquid scavenger and were open to other options. TransTex provided a 10 GPM regenerative amine solution and reduced their OPEX immediately. Over the next few years, additional sweet gas production was added to this system (+10 MMSCFD) and they were able to dilute the sour gas to 300-500PPM but had outgrown the 10 GPM’s capabilities. TransTex removed the original 10 GPM and replaced it with a larger 25 GPM at a more central pad site enabling them to continue to treat their H2S at a much higher volume. In 2019 more gas was added to their system and they were limited by contactor sizing on the 25 GPM. In a matter of days, TransTex completed an onsite contactor swap enabling our client to maximize the 25 GPM and continue treating up to 40 MMSCFD. TransTex provided the turnkey installation, startup/commissioning for the original plant as well as the demob and installation of the larger amine plant. We continue to provide operations and maintenance services of this facility.