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60 GPM Amine Plant— Lovelady, Texas


  • 60 GPM Amine Plant Regen Skid
  • Gas Cooler
  • 500 MBTU TEG Dehydration
  • JT Skid
  • 10 MMSCFD JT Skid
  • 2 Bullet Tanks


  • Lovelady, Texas

Ship Date:

  • March 27th, 2018


A new customer in East Texas contacted us with high CO2 and rich gas in a newly drilled well. TransTex provided multiple turnkey solutions for equipment, installation and operations to treat and process 12 MMSCFD of natural gas. This job is a full scale operation utilizing an amine plant , a dehydration unit, along with a JT skid to strip the NGL’S, and bullet tanks to store the natural gas liquids. The increase in NGL pricing is starting to pay off. It allows for a revenue stream from selling the liquids that essentially pays for the amine plant lease.  A win for both the customer, and TransTex Treating!

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60 GPM Amine Plant60 GPM Amine Plant

60 GPM Amine Plant