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  • Van Buren County, AR

Ship Date

  • November 2021


  • This new customer reached out to TransTex already having great knowledge and experience in amine treating. With multiple large amine plants spread across their established field (both leased and owned plants), their goal was to reroute gas to maximize their existing assets throughput and explore downsizing options on their leased assets.  Through detailed conversations with this customer,  TransTex sized a 60 GPM amine plant, allowing our customer to remove a more costly 100 GPM leased plant. At our customer’s request, TransTex’s 60 GPM is designed to overtreat their CO2 below 0.5% allowing our customer to blend additional volume downstream and still stay below their <2% pipeline specifications. TransTex provided the installation and commissioning of this equipment.

60 GPM Amine Plant - Van Buren County, AR 60 GPM Amine Plant - Van Buren County, AR