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  • Newton County, TX

Ship Date

  • June 2019


A new TransTex customer reached out to us when their sales pipeline company adjusted their CO2 pipeline requirements (previously <3%, changing to <2%).  Having just over 2% CO2 gas this client was interested in comparing the new pipeline blending costs against setting their own amine treater. TransTex  sized a single skid designed 7.5 GPM pneumatic unit since no power was available on site. This compact amine unit allowed our customer to treat approximately half of their stream while bypassing the remaining volume, resulting in a blended stream below 2%. TransTex was able to deliver this solution in less than 3 weeks to meet our customer’s needs. By properly sizing an amine unit, our customer was able to treat their gas for a fraction of the sales pipeline’s new fees. TransTex oversaw the customers’ installation and commissioning of this equipment.