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  • 2013: 12.5 GPM Amine Plant with 24” Gas Train
  • 2014: Upsized 12.5 GPM to 30 GPM; utilized existing 24” Gas Train
  • 2018: Downsized 30 GPM to 12.5 GPM; utilized existing 24” Gas Train


  • Vermillion Parish, LA

Ship Date

  • July 2013 / February 2014 / April 2018


Contract treating solutions have their place, and this location is a great example of the flexibility leasing provides our customers. An industry leading producer initially reached out to TransTex in need of treating 3.5 MMSCFD with up to 5.5% CO2 and 12 PPM H2S. The production was from a recently recompleted well that was positioned in a central area to other declining wells.  TransTex first demobilized a competitors amine plant before providing our modular 12.5 GPM amine plant to treat below their 3% CO2 specification. After setting our 12.5 GPM plant, our customer recompleted several other nearby wells over the next 6-7 months, and our plant was soon undersized for their new volumes. After discussions over volumes and averaging inlet CO2 content and H2S, TransTex recommend upsizing our 12.5 GPM plant to a 30 GPM.  TransTex swapped the 12.5 GPM  (regen swap only) for our modular 30 GPM allowing our customer to treat volumes up to 7.5 MMSCFD with 5.5% CO2 and 15 PPM. This solution proved to be a great fit and remained treating on location for the next ~4 years at which point the wells began to decline. We once again discussed projected volumes and concentrations and found the best action would be to swap the 30 GPM back to our 12.5 GPM system. The current 12.5 GPM system has been treating since 2018 and continues to meet our customers needs and sales line specifications. TransTex provided install and demob support for all changes of equipment since 2013.

Amine Treater