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  • 10 MMSCFD Engine Driven Cooler


  • Panola County, TX

Ship Date

  • March 2022


An East Texas Producer contacted TransTex needing to cool up to 10 MMSCFD of 170F+ natural gas. Our customer was in a heavily wooded, remote location without access to power and needed a solution within a few weeks. TransTex provided an engine driven 10 MMSCFD cooler for their application to bring their gas below 120F and avoid pipeline penalties. With available technicians, our customer chose to PM the cooler themselves. At TransTex we can offer lease options with or without operations and maintenance (dependent on company personnel) and knowledge of equipment. When TransTex does not provide O&M, we conduct bi-annual checks on all equipment and provide callout support as needed to ensure the equipment is operating at peak performance.

Gas Cooler - Panola County, TX