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  • (9) 8,000 BPD Electric Oil/Water Coolers


  • (9) total locations, ND

Ship Date

  • July—October 2019


A new North Dakota producer contacted TransTex in search of an electric (green) and efficient method for reducing their oil and water temperatures to meet their on site equipment and pipeline specifications. TransTex discussed each location, oil and water volumes, anticipated inlet temperatures, and pressures to fully understand our customers needs. TransTex proposed a cooler with multiple bundles so they could separate oil/water upstream , allowing them to cool both streams with a single unit. This reduced footprint and costs, while minimizing electrical consumption. The required timing for this project did not allow for new fabrication, so TransTex contacted our trusted network to source used options. We were able to quickly locate the needed equipment, fully recondition, and ship to North Dakota in time to meet their flowback date.

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