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  • 60” ID x 25’ S/S x 1440 MAWP


  • Red River Parish, LA

Ship Date

  • January 2022


A Haynesville producer contacted TransTex in need of a low-maintenance H2S removal solution. Our customer relayed they were producing around 10 MMSCFD of sour gas with an expectation of 200-300 PPM H2S. After reviewing their needs and consulting with our solid media provider, we selected an in stock 60” x 25’ S/S solid media vessel that could lower their H2S below their 4 PPM specification.  This solution was ideal for our customer as they were looking for a ‘set it and forget it’ solution that required little monitoring. Timing on this project was like many that we encounter, urgent—TransTex was able to meet their quick 2 week delivery.