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  • 60” ID x 27.5’ S/S x 1200 MAWP


  • San Juan, NM

Ship Date

  • October 2021


A new Permian producer contacted TransTex in need of a short term remedy to remove a low concentration (<50 PPM) of H2S in their gas stream.  There was initial interest in treating via regenerative amine, but our customer’s inlet pressure was too low for the amine process to function efficiently. Adding compression to boost pressure was too costly, and a solid media vessel proved to be the most economical solution. With an expected volume of just over 5 MMSCFD and a relatively low H2S  content, TransTex was able to provide a solid media vessel that could treat their H2S to less than 1 PPM for over a year before needing changeout. Our customer elected to coordinate shipping and installation and have been meeting their pipeline spec since then!