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  • (2) 144” x 30’ S/S x 150 MAWP


  • Chambers County, TX

Ship Date

  • December 2020 — Sale


TransTex was approached by a Major midstream company to remedy low pressure H2S removal upstream of their de-ethanizer columns. After discussing their needs; removal of ~350 PPM of H2S from 7 MMSCFD at 40 PSIG, a solid media method proved to be the most feasible and economic. TransTex worked with our customer to ensure any and all specifications and documentation needs were met to ensure facility compliance. Once all requirements were established, TransTex designed and fabricated two new 144” ID x 30’ S/S x 150 MAWP solid media vessels specific to our clients needs.  These two vessels were fabricated for purchase, with TransTex providing loadout and transportation, and our client coordinating installation at their Mt. Belvieu facility.

Solid Media Vessels