CALL: 713-654-4440


  • 750 mbu/hr TEG dehy and BTEX


  • Eddy County, NM

Ship Date

  • December 2020


TransTex was contacted by a new producer in New Mexico in need of dehydrating 20-30 MMSCFD  of gas @ 900 PSIG and 110°F. To efficiently treat below the standard 7# H20/MM, TransTex provided one of our modular 750 mbtu/hr dehy packages with a 42” Trayed contactor. This standard package is available from 125 mbtu—1.5 mmbtu and includes a skidded Regen with BSL or BMS, high pressure skid with dehydration tower. Optional inlet filter/separators and after scrubbers (overhead scrubber) are also available and can be set on the HP skids (often used with larger packages). Our client chose to install and operate this dehy with startup support from TransTex.