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  • 750 mbtu/hr TEG Dehy
  • 20” OD Inlet Filter Separator
  • 36” OD Contactor Tower
  • ProFire 2100 BMS
  • A-10 BTEX System


  • Karnes County, TX

Ship Date

  • February 2022


An existing customer reached out in need of dehydrating up to 30 MMSCFD of their new production. Once we confirmed inlet gas temperature and pressure (both key factors in properly sizing a TEG dehy unit: as pressure increases, less water is entrained in the gas / alternatively, the higher the temperature, the more water is entrained in the gas). Our customer had good pressure (>1000 PSIG) and temperature (<100F) so we were able to provide our standard New-Surplus 750 mbtu/hr TEG Regen system with a 36” Trayed Tower and BTEX. TransTex’s standard TEG dehy packages are modular in design; consisting of two skids. The Regen skid or low pressure side of the system, and the gas train skid or high pressure side; consisting of an inlet filter/separator and contactor tower. This particular Regen system was new surplus, a zero hour system ready to ship. TransTex provided PM support through the installation/startup process as well as the existing term of the project.